Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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  1. I am absolutely haunted by your novel Catterthun. Seriously - I have been enchanted by her wreck for years and then I saw that a book had been written. I purchased it straight away and couldn't believe that only 5mins later, I was living the life and times of those days of 1895 . I finished the book in one weekend. Along the way I started to research the family of Captain Shannon - not yet knowing that chapter 14 was a "what happened to them all" chapter. I found records of her grave at Saint Thomas's not yet knowing it was Louisa's grave and then I suddenly was struck cold when I read that Louisa Shannon died less than two years later almost to the day that her husband was stolen away from her. I am planning on visiting her grave in North Sydney when I come back from the Catterthun dive, perhaps bringing her a shell from the bowls of the ocean that stole her husband away.
    As a diver and researcher I have had the opportunity to talk with those that had dived the ship in the early 80's when I go up to Forster. We met at the pub and talked about this or that person who got all the gold that was left and the emerald necklace.
    As a writer I want to applaud you for this book.You turned the Catterthun wreck from a romantic adventurous notion of treasure still lost in the waters of NSW, to a story of love lost. A human story. I would love to talk to you regarding the story you set up with the Shannons. I can't believe that family was lost from all history.
    Andrew Lawrence